Filling Open & Closed Vape Systems


 A closed vape system uses cartridges which have already been pre-filled with liquid.  These cartridges are easy to connect directly to the battery in only a few seconds.  The cartridge acts as the mouthpiece, heater and tank all in one.

When the cartridge is empty, remove from the device and replace with a new one.  These cartridges are limited and do not have a wide range of flavours as you find in bottles, but manufacturers are releasing new flavours all of the time.

 Sometimes depending on who manufactures the cartridge they can be quite hard to see through, meaning you cannot always see how much liquid you have left.  You should be able to tell if your cartridge is due for a replacement as the hit will not be as strong.  If you continue with the cartridge when this happens you may run the risk of burning the atomizer, which is not a pleasant taste.



 An open system vape uses liquids from a bottle that you fill with manually.  They are often used un clearomizers, which are transparent, allowing you to see how much liquid you have remaining.

 The standard vape systems are usually filled by removing the battery and the mouthpiece, this allows you to carefully squeeze the liquid down the sides of the tube, be careful not to drip into the central tube, as this is the airflow, you will know when you do this as you will have a mouth full of liquid. 

Fill the tank to your desired level, but not to overfill as this will lead to liquid leaking from your tank and could damage your device.

 When you fill your device make sure you do it with something underneath it in case of any spillages.

 If you are unsure on how to fill your device, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.