Coil Gunk

Gunk in your coil is awful.  The problem is hard to avoid if you have a sweet tooth when it comes to your favourite flavours.

The gunk in your coil is the concentrated residue if everything in your liquid that does not vaporize cleanly.  This causes the residue to stick to the coil & over time this becomes thicker, darker until it becomes so thick you are unable to taste your liquid.  All you can taste is the residue as it burns through.  The only way to fix this is to replace your coil.

What Causes Coil Gunk?

Liquids which have sweeteners added are the top cause of coil gunk.  Most commonly sucralose, this does not vape well at all, in fact it caramelizes until it burns.  Switching to a liquid which is unsweetened is an easy way to make your coil last days instead of hours.  The only problem is that most of the big liquid brands which we all no and love are sweetened as that is what people like and come at affordable price.

High-Wattage Vaping

Another reason why coil gunk has become such a major problem is because of the amount of liquid used.  If you are a heavy vaper using a sub-ohm tank, you may get the burnt sugar taste within hours after changing your coil.  If you increase the nicotine strength of your liquid and switch to a less powerful vaping device, you will consume less liquid without compromising your level of satisfaction.

High VG Liquids

Liquids that are high VG seem to gunk up coils more quickly that PG liquids.  Consider trying a 50/50 or 60/40 blend to see if it extends the life of you coil a little.

Flavoured Liquids

Just about every liquid flavour except menthol can contribute to coil gunk Try an unflavored liquid and see how much longer your coils last. If you prefer heavily sweetened liquids like many of today’s vapers, vaping an unflavored liquid might not sound like a lot of fun. In truth, though, there are many people around the world who use unflavored liquids exclusively for the prevention of coil gunk. Unflavored liquid is not truly flavorless because vegetable glycerin tastes a little sweet on its own. It might taste even sweeter, in fact, when you realise that you have been using the same coil for three weeks with no drop in performance.

Menthol is one liquid flavoring that does not seem to contribute to coil gunk at all. If you are serious about reducing coil gunk, consider trying Menthol liquid.



How to Stop Coil Gunk?

Use a liquid with no added sweeteners.

Switch to a vaping device or tank that generates less vapor. You may need to increase the nicotine strength of your liquid to compensate.

Try a liquid with a lower percentage of vegetable glycerin.

Use clear liquids if you can.

Try an unflavored liquid for maximum coil life. Menthol is ok as it does not contribute to coil gunk.

Dealing with Coil Gunk Without Changing Your Liquid

Admittedly some of the changes suggested are a bit extreme. If you love vaping as it is, switching to an unflavoured liquid without sweeteners can be hard.  Maybe you could try the following instead.

Remove the gunk with a good coil clean.  Remove the tank and clean by putting into hot water, leave for a few hours or longer if required. Once cleaned leave it to dry can take up to a day to completely dry out. Cleaning will not remove all of the gunk and it will not fix a coil that has a burnt wick.